Knewton Blocks

· 02/02/2022

With the Knewton kit, you can connect several blocks with each other avoiding the possibility of a wrong connection. This course provides the idea how to perform several activities using these blocks.

This Course Includes:

  • Content from Basic to Advance Level
  • 15+ Activities
  • Full lifetime access
  • Accessible on mobile and Laptop
  • Certification after Course Completion


  • No prerequisite knowledge required
  • Knewton Blocks kit is mandatory.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn about different electronic components and sensors.

About this Course:

This course provide access to the activities that can be performed using these blocks. This includes blocks like LED blocks, Buzzer Block, Logic Gate Block, IR sensor Block. LDR Sensor and many more.

Some of the activities that can be possible are- SOS Flasher, Morse code, Disco Lights, Table fan, Automatic doorbell, Morning Alarm Clock and many more.

Knewton Blocks Kit is specially designed to connect several blocks with one other, avoiding the use of wires to make your project look attractive and understandable. This also avoids troubles that could arise because of loose connections. This course provides basic details of all the blocks and how to use one block with other.

This is very interesting that how one block gives command to the other one,such that these blocks together perform incredibly. To find out let’s start exploring!

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Course Includes

  • 17 Lessons
  • 32 Topics
  • Course Certificate

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