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Robots are found in many places and robotics have many different application areas. Some of those are:

1.Space Application:

Robots are playing a very important role for outer space exploration. The robotic unmanned spacecraft is used as the key of exploring the stars, planets etc.The most famous robots used in the outer space applications are the Mars rovers of NASA. In 1997 the Pathfinder Mission landed on Mars. Its robotic rover Sojourner, rolled down a ramp and onto Martian soil in early July. It continued to broadcast data from the Martian surface until September.

2. Military Application:

In today’s modern army robotics is an important factor which is researched and developed day by day. Already remarkable success has been achieved with unmanned aerial vehicles like the Predator drone, which are capable of taking surveillance photographs, and even accurately launching missiles at ground targets, without a pilot. 

3. Industry Application:

In many industries, robots are used for making the devices like car industries and many more. 

4. Household Application

5. Healthcare Application:

Robots have found in many medical industry where they are helping  doctor in surgeries, knee replacement, pace maker etc.